1. Get ready

You first organise your course curriculum into weeks, parts, or sections, then place your practicals and exercises in each of these.

2. Set

Next, you provide intended answers or criteria for evaluation, deadlines, and set up peer review, if required, for each exercise.

3. Go

Finally, let your students loose! During the course you can continuously monitor student progress and performance.

Get instant overview.
You deserve it.

curriculearn.dk gives you a great overview over your course curriculum as well as student performance and participation.

Make your work.
Stand out.

In curriculearn.dk, your class practicals and exercises look their absolute best, which encourages students to interact with them and improve their learning. Use advanced text formatting, graphics, and even maths formulae (via LaTeX) to make your work stand out.

Peer review.
Done right.

Letting students evaluate their fellow students' work is a powerful teaching method. In curriculearn.dk, exercises for peer review are handed out continuously ensuring a dynamic process with less focus on deadlines and more focus on content and assessment.

Development of curriculearn.dk

curriculearn.dk is developed by Ditlev E. Brodersen, Associate Professor of Biochemistry at Aarhus University, Denmark based on more than 15 years of experience with lectures and classroom teaching the university level.

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